Couples Massage

Two people are invited into a single room with two separate massage tables, one for each individual.  There are two therapists present to conduct the massage simultaneously (one male & one female).  Some couples talk to each other during the massage while others remain quiet. There are no rules concerning conversation, however, remaining quiet during the massage helps to induce a deeper level of relaxation.

Couples massage is not limited to romantic couples only.  It is available to everyone who come in pairs;  mother/daughter, sisters, partners, friends, etc...

Some people who have never had a massage are a little apprehensive about the experience.  Couples massage is the perfect way to introduce them to massage therapy.  Having someone with them will help them to feel more comfortable and better able to relax and enjoy the massage.

My Couples massage partner is renowned Broken Arrow therapist, Mano Vang (Broken Arrow Massage). Mano is my own therapist, and demonstrates exceptional skill and professionalism. $140 per couple

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60 minutes —-> $140 per couple