Q: What should I expect for my first appointment?

A: First appointments should allow an extra 10 minutes for completion of an intake form, which allows me to review your medical history, health concerns, and any “trouble spots” that you may have. All clients must fill out these intake forms as a regular part of treatment. After the intake, I will step out of the room so that you can undress. Before leaving, I'll instruct you that once you are ready, to please get onto the table, under the covers, and I will tell you to either lie face up or face down. If you have any questions at any time, please let me know.  


Q: It's just a massage. Why do I have to fill out paperwork?

A: It's for your safety. All clients need to fill out an intake form related to their health and injury history so that I can administer proper treatment. Different conditions and medications affect the body. This also allows you to review my policies and your rights as a massage client.  Filling out the form will not affect the appointment duration, and you only need to fill out the intake form once. Your information is fully protected by HIPAA, and is NEVER shared with anyone without your consent. I also do not add your name, phone number, or address to any type of promotional mailing list.


Q: I've had a massage before, but it was a bad experience and/or it hurt!

A: Massage is not intended to hurt, whether old or young, male or female. The important thing is to relax, breathe, and communicate with your therapist. I am here to serve you and will gladly make adjustments to pressure or adjust techniques used. If therapeutic work (not just “relaxation”) is requested, some pressure to work out the affected areas might be necessary. On a 1-10 “pain scale” with 1 being light/ticklish and 10 being deep/painful, therapeutic work is often in the 5-7 range, but it depends on the techniques used. Open communication is what is most important in this case. I encourage that in order to achieve your desired results.  


Q: Do you take insurance? 

ANo, I do not file insurance claims, but in some cases, massage is approved to use with a helath spending account.


Q: I’m just getting over an injury/illness. Can I get massage?

 A: I reserve the right to request a doctor’s note (including their practice contact information) prior to giving the massage, depending on what and how severe the condition is. Massage is beneficial and safe for many health conditions. However, it’s a good idea to take precautions before massage is performed if you have any reservations. If you have had major surgery (i.e. back, neck, hysterectomy) in the last 4 months, I do require a physicians’ release to get massage.  


Q: Is draping during the session required?

A: Yes, and I do not make exceptions. If your being covered with a sheet truly bothers you, you may be undraped provided you wear running shorts (for men), and running shorts and a sports bra (for women). I do not keep these on hand at the salon, so if that is your preference, please bring your own.


Q: What about appointments that have to end early or begin late?

A: Please arrive to you appointment at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time, as appointment times are session start times, not appt arrival times. If client is late for their massage session, I will work within the available time left and ask for the full fee to be rendered. Massage services can and will be terminated if a client acts inappropriately. Focal Point Therapy offers therapeutic, non-sexual massage services only. The client has the right to terminate their session at any time. If I terminate any session for client inappropriateness, the full fee must still be rendered.